How to Record a Video of Your Screen with Sound on Windows 11 10

You’ll see a crosshair and your background will be blurred. You can only take fullscreen screenshots with this method, and there is no way to edit screenshot before saving. Once you’ve saved an image using the Snipping Tool you can use the Microsoft File Explorer to open it. The files are, by default, located in the Pictures directory.Windows Snip & Sketch Makes Taking a Screenshot of your PC Pretty Easy. If you press the Print Screen Key, Windows will take a screenshot and, by default, save this to your Microsoft OneDrive account.

  • Add no- to your contact list, and try to create a new account with the same email address.
  • Just click on the Record past 30-sec button, and a video is created based on the number of minutes or seconds you set.
  • Snagit is a screenshot tool that allows you to create animated GIFs, take full-page screenshots, and more.

From users for this computer, choose the administrator account you want to delete, and tap on Remove button. Kindly try the below steps to change the account type from Admin to Standard account and check if this helps. If there is another administrator account on the computer, we suggest to login using that account and change your account to administrative account.

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Unlike a Microsoft account, it won’t sync settings between devices, and it doesn’t give access to OneDrive. In addition, when someone has a local account, they won’t be able to download or install any apps from the Microsoft Store. They won’t be able to install desktop applications on their own, either — when they try to install them, they’re prompted for the password of the administrator’s account. So an administrator will have to be nearby to type in the password in order for them to install desktop applications.

If you have more questions about changing administrator account on Windows 10, please leave your messages below. But it is deactivated by default; thus, utilizing it necessitates explicitly enabling the administrator account. It’s not essential, though, since you can switch any user profile to the one with administrative privileges; creating and deleting profiles in Windows 10 is a breeze. To confirm that the user account type has been changed, run this command. On running it, Command Prompt displays properties of the selected user account, including the user account types. Below, we have broken the above methods of changing user account types into straightforward steps.

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You can also add a delay to your screenshot to capture something that’s harder to take a screenshot of otherwise. Then, you can add quick annotations to your image before copying or saving it. You might want to take a screenshot on a device that doesn’t have a Print Screen key.

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Click on the microphone button to switch your external mic on and off and complete your recording. Select a window, such as a dialog box, that you want to capture. Taking a screenshot here will copy it to your Clipboard.